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Write and Wipe Flashcards: First 50 Words (Scholastic Early Learners)

Write and Wipe Flashcards: First 50 Words (Scholastic Early Learners)

Giant shaped flashcards that introduce first words and help develop pre-reading skills from Scholastic Early Learners!
First 50 Words contains twenty-six giant shaped flashcards designed to help children recognize and learn a variety of essential first words in preparation for reading success.
One side of the flashcards has a picture, while the other side has the written word. By sharing the flashcards with an adult, children are encouraged to sound out the simple words, developing their awareness of letter sounds, increasing their vocabulary, and promoting their reading skills.
With fun, colorful images and clear word labels, children will be introduced to first words from key first-concept topics, including colors, shapes, animals, and vehicles. The flashcards are perfect for little hands to hold, and are shaped to allow clear distinctions for adults and children between the different first-concept topics.
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