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Children's English Books Online Store in Switzerland

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​We are Children's English Books and German Books Distributors in Switzerland

We offer personalized service of helping parents choose the right books for their kids. You can browse through the collection of books we have, make an informed decision, even let your child make the choice for him/her.


Our Services at a glance:

  • We have access to around 60000 different Children's English books.

  • We help parents choose the books based on their child's interest, age in a cost-effective manner.

  • We also offer Membership Plans to save the cost and hassle of shipping and packaging to the customers.

  • Customers can avail the opportunity of all Special Offers and Value-sets from various publishers. This is regularly updated on our site.

  • Shipping all over Switzerland (free shipping in specific zones in Zürich)

  • We also organize Book Events or Book Stalls 

    • ​In Schools

    • In Community Centers

    • ​In Popup Markets​

Please browse through our online shop to see and purchase the books we have in store.

Also visit our Service Offerings to know more about what we offer our customers.

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